Ashva P.O.P

Ashva is a premium quality Plaster of Paris manufactured in a hi-tech facility in DHANTAUR, Rajasthan, India and Hummock Infrastructure is the proud owner of this brand.

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Ashva is a high quality POP brand widely respected in several states of North India. It is known for high quality gypsum and one of the lowest silica content in the industry. The setting time and working time are finely designed to suit worker’s requirements. We make sure the quality is right to fit your perfect home.

Test Results of Ashva Gypsum Plaster:

Ashva Gypsum Plaster testing..jpeg

Ashva Gypsum Plaster Compressive Strength.png

NOTE: Ashva is an inhouse manufactured product of Hummock Infrastructure with offices in Chandigarh and Hanumangarh, Rajasthan. We manufature the product ourselves.

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