Rain Water Harvesting Structure: Aerotropolis City

Building a rainwater harvesting structure was a new experience for our team. We had never constructed a huge 10 meters long, 2 meters wide and 5 meters deep underground rainwater harvesting structure. In the end we built more than 10 such structures.

Project Description:

  1. Location = Aerotropolis City.
  2. Size of one structure = 10m X 2m X 5m.
  3. Number of structures = 10
  4. Type of construction = R.C.C
  5. Site Engineer = Jagjit Singh
  6. Nature of Site = commercial
  7. Project cost (excluding material) = INR 40 Lakhs (4 million)

Here are a few pictures.


As the structure rises above the base, the soil is filled using a JCB machine so that a working ground can be built for workers.

IMG-20140105-00060 2

Excavation is more than five meters wide so that a wide raft can be constructed and workers have some space to build. Don’t worry, the slopes are stable. Formwork: Steel.

IMG-20140105-00061 2

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